बच्चों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ सार्वजनिक भाषण

Let them pick a topic they like. Children are more likely to be interested in and engaged in a speech if they are talking about something they are passionate about

Let them practice with their friends. Practicing in front of a friendly audience can help children get used to speaking in front of people.

Teach them about their audience. Who are they speaking to? What do they want to know? Tailoring a speech to the audience can help children make a better connection.

Visualize positive results. Have your child imagine themselves giving a successful speech. This can help them build confidence.

Teach them to be comfortable with silence. Silence is not a bad thing! It can actually be used to great effect in a speech.

Let them notice their speech patterns. Help your child identify any patterns in their speech that they might want to change.

Teach them the value of planning ahead. Planning a speech in advance can help children feel more prepared and confident.

With practice and support, your child can develop the public speaking skills they need to be successful in life.